Online Ethics Assignment:Ways to ethically correct errors when using social media

An ethical way to correct errors made on social media is to make a new post pertaining to a story link that you made with the accurate information, determining what was wrong and leaving the original post up, unless it is defamatory or otherwise legally problematic


It also suggests that as a journalist you have to decide how and whether to use that particular feature.  Another suggestion is that as a journalist you need to edit posts that needs correction, and to put another post or comment telling why it was changed and what particular part did you change.


My take on this topic is that and what I read on this topic is that journalists have to be extra careful when posting things on social media.


As a journalist when you post something that is not accurate then your editor can get on you or the person that you interviewed can come to you and say “hey what said about me wasn’t accurate or true” like for example the Dez Bryant tirade when someone was a used racial slur towards him.


As a result, Bryant went on a tirade towards him that is what can happen when journalists use social media the wrong way, and can possibly get fired for it.  It is crucial in this business that when social media that we have to get the facts straight when reporting and especially using social media.


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