Video clip assignment: New England and Indians“>http://

For this WSU research assignment I decided to go into the history department to interview two of my professor’s students.

They were doing a research project on New England and the Indians, back in the 1700s.  Their purpose was to be objective about what they found in their research.

The project was about how the Indians and the British handled things.  Also they are researching about how the Indians lived and the policies that they had to face against the British.

They are also looking lost documentation as pertaining to the Indians and what they thought of these policies and the different court cases that came about during that period in history.

They wanted to accomplish in their research that they want to benefit the people that they are researching in terms of the Indians.  The two researchers cared about the Indian policy and they had to flag sensitive material.  They were also researching the tribal leaders and the legal past that the Native Americans had in the U.S.

The two researchers also wanted to uncover the mysteries that the Indians had.  Since I am taking a history course it was relevant for me to do this because I am learning about the Native Americans and Indians during a series of lectures on it.  This research video assignment can help fellow journalism students learn how to videotape interviews and how it’s done.

I had an interest in this subject because like I said since I’m taking history I had an interest of how the Native Americans and the Indians lived and how their policies were back in the 1700s and how it was different back then.



  1. texasbabii · November 10, 2015

    Your post had to do with history and sports. The interview was conducted with two WSU students and was in one video. I think doing two separate interviews or including multiple breakdowns of the interview throughout the post would attract readers throughout the article not just the top. Great job with clear audio and clean visuals. including that you have an interest in history adds personalization with the audience. Included is a link to “the creation of the high five” it is sports, history and a fun fact that I think might interest you.


  2. From Me to You · November 12, 2015


    I think your topic is very interesting because it traces back to our history. However, in your post, I would give more background information on the Indians for those who are not familiar with that part of history. I would also do two separate videos, one for each researcher, to capture them separately instead of combining them together. This way, your readers can see what each researcher feels about the research topic and get to know them separately. Your video has great audio quality and visual quality. I think it would have been better if there wasn’t a book in the left hand corner because that takes away from the full focus on the interviewees. Here is a link that I think would be helpful for you to include in your post: It talks about the top 10 greatest Indian chiefs, which would be interesting to those who want to learn more about the Indian tribes and their leaders.


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