Mike and Mike podcast about racial discrimination at University of Missouri


This podcast was about a variety of topics, one of them was concerning the racial discrimination issue at Missouri.  It also talks about recap of game and opinions of what they thought on them.  They also give their analysis on what teams need to do better or contemporary issues on a daily basis.  Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 12.54.23 PM


Video clip assignment: New England and Indians


For this WSU research assignment I decided to go into the history department to interview two of my professor’s students.

They were doing a research project on New England and the Indians, back in the 1700s.  Their purpose was to be objective about what they found in their research.

The project was about how the Indians and the British handled things.  Also they are researching about how the Indians lived and the policies that they had to face against the British.

They are also looking lost documentation as pertaining to the Indians and what they thought of these policies and the different court cases that came about during that period in history.

They wanted to accomplish in their research that they want to benefit the people that they are researching in terms of the Indians.  The two researchers cared about the Indian policy and they had to flag sensitive material.  They were also researching the tribal leaders and the legal past that the Native Americans had in the U.S.

The two researchers also wanted to uncover the mysteries that the Indians had.  Since I am taking a history course it was relevant for me to do this because I am learning about the Native Americans and Indians during a series of lectures on it.  This research video assignment can help fellow journalism students learn how to videotape interviews and how it’s done.

I had an interest in this subject because like I said since I’m taking history I had an interest of how the Native Americans and the Indians lived and how their policies were back in the 1700s and how it was different back then.