COM5500 Event Assignment: Wayne State vs. Northern Michigan

The event that I did for this assignment was the football game between Wayne State and Northern Michigan on Saturday October 17th.

Since I am into sports so much this was an appropriate event for me, I took pictures of the WSU marching band performing during the pre-game and halftime.  I also took pictures of the WSU football team warming up and practicing before the game.

The thing about it is I didn’t get a chance to get closer because I had to sit in the press box because I had to cover the game as well.  However, the pictures that I took were from the press box.

When shooting the game I felt I could’ve asked somebody if I could get a little closer to the field to take more pictures instead of taking them in front of the press box.

Also, this can be a learning experience for me when doing things for online news because in this day and age we as journalists will have to get closer to the action instead of taking pictures from the press box.

Overall, I believe that shooting this assignment was good because like I said I am into sports and pretty much my blog will be about Wayne State sports and how the fans can into games at some events but not all events.

When doing this assignment I noticed that the fans were into the game from start to finish and they were in outfits supporting their team.


WSU Event: WSU vs. Northern Michigan